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Shelby County School Board will go from 23 members to 7

(WMC-TV) - The Shelby County School Board is shrinking. Effective September 1, the board will go from 23 members to just seven.

Will it impact representation? Many thought the board would expand to 13 members and that the county commission would get to appoint six members.

As chairman, Billy Orgel had to manage the 23 member school board during its meetings.

"Twenty-three is actually very large for a public body," he said.

Even so, he does not believe it was as cumbersome as many observers may have thought.

"It was a good dialog, and we were able to make a lot of decisions because of that," Orgel added.

Orgel agrees with a federal judge's ruling this week that calls for the board to be downsized from 23 members to seven members.

The school board will be made up of those duly elected last year.

Another election next year will add six new members, which contradicts a Shelby County Commission plan to immediately appoint six new members.

Board member Martavius Jones is concerned about diminished representation. It is a concern that Orgel does not share.

"I think to add six new people to the board immediately, I thought might have been problematic," said Orgel. "We need a little stability."

The additional six members will be selected during the general election in August.

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