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TX dog saves young girl and sister from snake

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(NBC) - One Texas family is hailing their dog as a hero.

'Psycho' is a ten-pound poodle mix, the Rodriguez family's pet dog, and Maya Delarosa's savior.

"Me and my little sister were making mud pies and I hear a hiss and a rattle. I look down and there's a snake," stated Delarosa.

Maya Delarosa and her sister were playing by the cooler in Hueco tanks only inches away from a venomous rattle snake. Psycho saw the snake and got between the little girl and a venomous rattlesnake.

"He was already curled up, coiled, and ready to strike," explained Delarosa.

However, thanks to Psycho's intervention, the snake did not bite the young girl.

Grandmother Martha Rodriguez is thrilled her dog saved her grandchild's life.

"I love my little dog but I mean he saved her life," stated Rodriguez.

The rattlesnake did bite Psycho's eyelid and, although it looks painful, Rodriguez believes her 'little guy' would do the same thing over again.

"He (doesn't) learn, I mean if the snake did it again he'd just jump back again. I mean he (doesn't) learn," continued Rodriguez.

Doctor Vicki Dashley treated Psycho and agrees the dog is a lucky hero.

"He's just got a lot of swelling around that eye. We won't know for sure until the swelling has gone down; but, we think the eye is going to be saveable," said Dashley.

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