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Lausanne ready for some football

Friday Football Fever is less than two weeks away, but for one Shelby County school it will be its first Friday Football Fever.

It all started with a vision to build something, from nothing.

"We want to get a program that can compete with anybody in the city, and not just being complacent with competing with the teams that are similar in size to our school, but the vision is to compete with the best," said assistant coach Kevin Locastro.

This fall, the Lausanne Lynx will field a varsity football team for the first time.

 "Our team is not the most talented, we're not the biggest, but we definitely work hard and we do our best each time we're out here. We try to get better each day and just come out here and compete whether it's against White Station, Whitehaven, or FACS or whoever we play," said senior running back Mike Goodrich.

While varsity football may be new to Lausanne and its players, it's all too familiar to Lynx head coach Ken Netherland who is Tennessee's all time winningest high school football coach.

 "Commitment is everything, that's the thing that we try to teach here. It doesn't make any difference if you're in any other type of activity in your life. if you're not committed to the marriage it's going to fall apart," said Netherland.

Joining Netherland on the coaching staff is Kevin Locastro, who led Christian Brothers to two state finals in 14 years.

"Each coach just tries to help us and gives us what they know and we just try to feed off that and listen and gather as much knowledge from the two," said Goodrich.

Players and coaches working together, ultimately trying to leave a lasting impression.

"That we gave it our all, that we never let up, and that we put one hundred and ten percent into everything that we did," said junior quarterback Spencer Mackey.

"Success breeds success. You start winning and people in the city recognize, you know, that Lausanne is serious about football and now all of a sudden you've got kids that are coming from different places across the city that are searching you out," added Locastro.

But before they look too far ahead, they must look to game one, August 23rd against Fayette-Ware.

"If my players aren't excited to play on Friday night, they're going to be in for a big surprise. I hope that they're ready to play," said Netherland.

"I've dreamed about it, pictured it in my head tons of times, even to where what song I'm going to listen to before we come out, what stretches, everything. What the crowd's going to look like, just how everyone's reaction is going to be when we first come out and step on the field," said Mackey.

Lausanne sports a brand new turf field, and its first game will be the host to Friday Football Fever's first game of the week in 2013.

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