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Teachers' checks delayed on first payday

(WMC-TV) - Paycheck panic. Teachers across Shelby County did not get paid Friday morning.

It was the first pay day since Memphis City Schools officially merged with Shelby County Schools. When teachers awoke, many realized their bank accounts had no deposits.

Memphis Education Association President Keith Williams says his phone has been ringing off the hook.

"This is probably one of the biggest hiccups of this system. Teachers were very fearful that they were not being paid today," said Williams.

Many took to a closed Facebook group to alert peers and vent about needing to pay their bills.

The lack of payment is the first in 35 years.

The school district chalks it up to a delay.

Shelby County Schools says all direct deposits have been issued, and all paper checks were mailed. It expects everyone to be paid Friday.

"In most cases, the deposits were posted once the banks opened for business today (Friday), and we expect the remainder of direct deposits to post soon if they have not already posted," said SCS in a written statement.

Williams says the district told him the delays resulted from triple the number of paychecks going out over the same bandwidth from the bank.

When asked if this could be an issue every payday, Williams responded, "I hope not. Hopefully they can either increase the bandwidth of the system or they can submit the payroll earlier so they can post in a timely manner."

Some teachers who did receive a check wondered whether insurance premiums had been taken out.

Williams says that will not begin until the next payday in two weeks.

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