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Woman sneaks out with puppy under her shirt

Surveillance video image of suspected couple Surveillance video image of suspected couple

A couple walked into a Murfreesboro pet store, and they allegedly walked out with a Pekingese puppy underneath a woman's shirt.

The couple entered Animal City Pet Store. The girl put the 12-week-old puppy under her shirt, pet store workers say.

"She picked up the puppy, was holding him for a little bit, walked down the aisle and lifted up her shirt," said Amanda Kiviniemi of Animal City. "As soon as that puppy was under there, she walked out."

The puppy is valued at $700. Store workers said the theft is about a lot more than that.

"It's one thing to shoplift a thing, which is terrible in and of itself, but to shoplift a living being that needs care and has people who worry about it just makes that a different thing entirely," said Kiviniemi.

"I guess if you're trying to steal a puppy, that would be the only place to put it, but at the same time why? Why do that? That jeopardizes the puppy," said Mallory Saladino.

The theft happened on Wednesday.

A police officer who saw media reports about it recognized the woman as the person who lives next door to him.

The puppy was returned to the store last night. Workers said they will press charges.

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