One Mid-South group is training young entrepreneurs

One Mid-South group is training young entrepreneurs

(WMC-TV) - Some Memphis teenagers are already focusing on their careers.

Early Saturday morning, a group of Memphis teens gathered as part of the first class of young entrepreneurs here in the City of Memphis. But for them, its not just about business, its about being a better person.

Nine teenagers met Saturday morning dreaming and planning ways to rebuild Memphis. Their idea? To make Memphis more self-sufficient.

Eighth grader Jalisa Wooten is just one of nine chosen to be a part of the Young Rhino's inaugural class.

"I appreciate very much spending my Saturdays, giving up a few hours to become a better person than what I would be," stated Wooten.

The idea behind the program is to train young students to become entrepreneurs before they graduate high school.

Sharonda Walker has two daughters in the class. Walker thinks learning business skills at a young age will help the student to be successful and may make it more likely she or he will stay in the community.

"It's about making a difference. When you have students who do well in school, that's great. But, you have to give back," declared Walker.

Those nine teens in the Young Rhinos' training will meet most Saturdays this school year.

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