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Ask Andy: your rights in online/phone orders

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(WMC-TV) - When you order anything online -- or by mail or phone -- you have rights.  

The Federal Trade Commission guarantees:

* The retailer must ship the product in the time promised. If it didn't promise a delivery time, federal rules require it to be shipped within 30 days of your order.

* If delivery's delayed, the retailer must notify you and give you the choice of a longer wait or a full refund.

* If the retailer can't honor the new shipping date, it must -- under federal rule -- cancel your order and refund your money. If you paid by check, the retailer must refund your money within seven days. If you charged the order to your credit card, the company must credit your account within the next billing cycle. 

* The company cannot force you to accept store credit. Store credit is only allowed for purchases made in stores.

If it's an online or phone order -- and your order's not going to make it on time -- the company must give you either a refund, a credit or a new delivery date you accept.  

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