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Parents upset kids' school supplies were never delivered

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 (WMC-TV) - Some Mid-South parents are demanding answers after a man claiming to have cheap school supplies never delivered.

A Memphis company was supposed to deliver hundreds of boxes of school supplies to students in DeSoto County Schools, but now, a couple weeks into the school year, more than a quarter of the orders have not been filled, leaving more than 100 students without the school supplies they ordered.

"I feel like the kids were taken advantage of," said Lisa Woods, who cannot believe her child still does not have the supplies she paid for from Conley's School Supplies in Memphis.

"It's been an absolute nightmare, they haven't received anything, I've been sending them emails and calling them," she said.

The company promised to deliver the supplies before the first day of school. A phone number ends in an automated message. Parents and school officials say emails have gone unreturned, too.

Action News 5's Michael Clark was able to track down the company owner, Lee Conley, on his cell phone.

"You said these things would be delivered by the first day of school. Why is it taking so long?" Michael Clark asked.

"OK sir, let me get out of my meeting and I'll give you a call back," Conley responded.

Conley claimed his company had a glitch that caused them to be behind on orders . He promised items would be delivered within a couple of weeks.

"If they have not received it within our time frame, they can get their money back," Conley said.

"Well, if they're having a hard time getting a hold of you to tell you they have not received it, how do they go about getting their money back from you?" asked Clark.

After a long pause, Conley responded, "We are going to be returning any phone calls and emails that we have."

A spokesperson for DeSoto County Schools said this was supposed to be an option to save parents time. The district turned this matter over to its attorney.

Conley said he hopes to have everything delivered in a couple of weeks, despite school starting about three weeks ago.

DeSoto County released the following statement:

DeSoto County Schools is extremely disappointed that Conley School Supplies has not delivered all of the pre-paid school supplies our parents ordered last spring.

This was meant to be a service to save parents' time. It worked last year with different vendors.

Conley School Supplies had the low quote. Their contract said they would deliver the pre-paid school supplies before July 31st. They have delivered approximately ¾ of the orders.

Teachers are checking each order to ensure parents get what they paid for and are making sure each child has what they need at school until the supplies arrive.

Since they will not answer our phone calls or respond to daily emails, we have turned this matter over to our attorney.

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