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Arlington's Got Erwin

Arlington's Drew Erwin is a game changer. An all-district linebacker, the senior's a force to be reckoned with on the gridiron.

"He's just a big huge threat out there. He's just a great leader, he gets these guys fired up in the middle of games when stuffs going wrong. He makes a huge play, next thing you know the defense gets a stop," said Arlington quarterback Hunter Sheffield.

"[I'm the] kind of guy that the underclassmen can look up to, but I'm also not nice all the time, especially on the field I like to get a little bit mean," said Erwin.

He plays with a passion, carrying over to his mastery of music. A mastery that's taken him to a national stage on NBC's America's Got Talent.

"I would say in eighth grade, I just really sat down in front of the piano and just figured out the beginning of a song or something and then after that I was just hooked," said Erwin.

He plays four instruments, teaching himself guitar with a broken hand- an injury he suffered in the district championship game his sophomore year.

"They said I might not get all the movement back in my hand because one of the bones was tearing into one of the ligaments in my finger and I would tape the guitar pick to my thumb- that's when I really like started playing guitar because I couldn't play piano and I was just bored so I picked up the guitar," added Erwin.

Sometimes, the rhythm of the music can ever get lost in the tempo of football, but Erwin has his priorities.

"He's a great singer. He sings in the locker room every now and then when he gets bored and we're not doing anything he'll just sit in his locker and sing cause he doesn't know what else to do," said Sheffield.

"He's taught himself how to play the guitar and the piano, he can sing, he's got a 4.0 GPA, he's ripped to shreds, he can bench press over 300 pounds, I mean he's pretty much the total package- he makes you feel bad about yourself," said Arlington head coach Chris Wiley.

"10 years from now I'm sure I'll still be able to sit down in front of a piano or sit down behind a guitar, and pick it up and play, but I might not always be able to be out here playing football and doing what I've loved since I was a really small kid," Erwin added.

But whether it's on the indoor stage, or on the outdoor stage, the lesson stays the same.

"Not all teams are the same just like not every piece of music is the same so if there's that note you're struggling with or there's that coverage you're struggling with, just got to keep working at it," said Erwin.

Keep working at it, one beat at a time, and one play at a time.

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