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POLICE: Mid-South man infects hundreds with HIV

(WMC-TV) - A growing health concern among Mid-South residents has some worried.

According to police in Southeast Missouri, more people are coming forward with concerns of being exposed to HIV.

Investigators stated David Mangum admitted to having hundreds of partners with 50 to 60 partners in Stoddard County alone. Mangum has been charged with reckless exposure to HIV.

Dr. Shane Speights from St. Bernard's Medical Center is concerned some infected people will not realize they have the virus for months or years. He is advising all of Mangum's partners to be tested.

"So, all of these individuals that have had contact with this man are gonna need to be tested and maybe even tested again," stated Speights.

Speights confirmed all of the tests are confidential.

"That's not something that usually an attorney can even get a hold of without going through a lot of hoops and a lot of red tape," said Speights.

Officers declared Mangum told them he has know he was infected with HIV since 2003. Mangum continued to explain he has had 300 partners since then.

HIV is usually transferred during intimate relationships and contact with blood.

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