Memphis City Schools Human Resources has new Web site featuring new tools,

Applying for a job with Memphis City Schools just got easier, thanks to an upgraded Human Resources Web site.

New applicants, rehires and current Memphis City Schools employees can apply on the Department of Human Resources Web site, for classified and substitute teacher positions by accessing the new Human Resources Web page 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The new and improved Human Resources site provides detailed information on the employment process and instructions on how to complete the online application. Questions regarding the online application should be directed to the Department of Human Resources, at 416-0218. How the new application process works:

  • An applicant establishes an account and is assigned a username and password.
  • The applicant may complete only one online application. Current MCS employees will always complete the transfer form.
  • Once the application or transfer form has been completed, an applicant may submit his or her application for any open position.

As new positions are posted, it will not be necessary for applicants to complete a new application. They can just log in using their assigned username and password, update their original application (if necessary) and apply for the new position. Applicants will receive e-mail responses of the status of their applications. New applicants and current MCS employees will be able to complete online applications and transfer forms at the Board of Education. Computer terminals will be set up in the main lobby. Applicants for certification-required positions will continue to use the paper application process at this time. However, the certification-required online application will roll out in the near future.