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Mid-Southerners take to 'Million Second Quiz'

(WMC-TV) - People are still buzzing about NBC's new game show "Million Second Quiz". It is a 12 day trivia marathon that allows players from around the country to compete around the clock.

Thousands are playing here in the Mid-South. Depending on how good you are, you could be next contestant on the show!

"It's a little 'Millionaire', it's a little 'Jeopardy', it's a lot rock concert, it's a lot sport, it's a lot endurance, because the contestants might be here 24/7 for several days," said show host Ryan Seacrest.

"Million Second Quiz" debuted Monday night on WMC-TV5.

In the Memphis area, nearly 25,000 have been playing and at any moment NBC could grab you to be on the show.

The money chair is where you want to be because as soon as you sit in it, you start earning $10 per second. That equals $36,000 an hour ... $864,000 each day.

To keep the chair you must defeat the challengers one-by-one in trivia quiz bouts. If you lose a bout, you lose the chair.

So how can you play? Download the free app to your smartphone and watch the live stream of others playing in real-time in New York City.

Anybody from any city in America who does well playing on the app could be chosen and flown to New York City to play. Twenty-four hours later, they would appear on the show.

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