Kids raise money for St. Jude with annual trike-a-thon

Kids raise money for St. Jude with annual trike-a-thon

(WMC-TV) - Ready – set – GO!

For nearly 30 years, Mid-South kids have put on their helmets and arm pads for an annual trike-a-thon. The kids at SportsCare DayCare ride as a way to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

This year is no different. The day care has put on this fundraiser each year since it opened.

While it is unlikely the kids truly understand just how much their gift means to the kids being treated at St. Jude, the folks at SportsCare DayCare feel it is a lesson that needs to be taught early, with a lot of fun tossed into the mix.

But the trike-a-thon is not just about fun, there are also two serious lessons: bike and trike safety and raising money for St. Jude.

"They've learned about what St. Jude is and that the money they raised for the children is money that is used for their treatments for things like cancer and other terminal illnesses that they may have," said Katie Strausser with Director Sportscare Daycare.

Most of these mini-speed racers are too young to know exactly what their gift means for the kids at St. Jude. Still the parents and organizers believe it is a lesson you teach early.

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