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MY TURN: Chairman threatens to have audience removed during meeting

(WMC-TV) - The new fall television season starts in just a week or so, but if you need something funny to watch right now, may I suggest a visit to the Shelby County government website. The county has thoughtfully archived video of the meetings of the Shelby County Commission. The last one is particularly entertaining.

If you watch, you may think it's the best of reality TV or you might think it's a situation comedy. Either way, you will laugh at least until the time when you remember that these are the people who are running Shelby County government. This show's got it all - charges of sexism, racism, and an admission that this group represents a "new low" in terms of civility. Spoiler alert here - if you take the time to watch, the funniest moment is when new County Commission Chairman James Harvey threatens the people in the audience that he will have them removed if they cannot maintain their decorum. He's got to be kidding. It's the audience that should be threatening the commissioners.

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