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City employees, unions question pension proposal

(WMC-TV) - A pension overhaul for city employees is possible in the near future as city officials point out how unsustainable the current model is. 

City employees and the unions say they do not want to take on anymore risk in the deal and they question the accuracy of the numbers used in the pension proposal.

According to Mayor A C Wharton, the administration stands by its work but remains open-minded to input from all possible sides.

"This is why we're in this period right now where we're turning over to everybody everything we have," said Mayor Wharton.

"We have tested this and tested this but stand to be corrected if we're wrong. So this is why we sent it out to the council first. We're gonna send it to all the employees, the unions," he added.

Memphis City Council will have a say and as imagined, the process will not be an easy one.

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