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Scammer poses as MLGW to dupe customers

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(WMC-TV) - MLGW says someone is using its name in an effort to rip off customers. It has been going on for three months. So far, one victim has fallen for the trick.

The utility company put out a warning asking people not to fall for the scam, which thus far has only targeted business and commercial customers.

According to MLGW, the scammer calls their customers in an effort to convince them that their last payment did not go through because of a change in the payment system. The scammer demands the customer get a pre-paid gift card in the amount of the bill and then turn over the information on the card or the customer's utilities will be cut off.

MLGW says it does not conduct payment business in this fashion.

"Our employees do not, do not ask customers for personal information and they do not ask for payments," said Gale Jones Carson, MLGW.

Jones Carson encourages customers to just do what they have always done.

"Through the automated system, a customer can pay his or her bill. They can pay their bills online through the my account. Or they can come into one of customer-community relations offices," added Carson.

MLGW directed the person who fell victim to the scam to file a police report.

Now, they ask anyone who gets a similar call to alert Memphis Police Department at (901) 545-2677.

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