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Flooded streets trap cars

Memphis firefighters made the rescue and got Wilson to a safe spot. Memphis firefighters made the rescue and got Wilson to a safe spot.

(WMC-TV) - Rain was non-stop Friday afternoon. Some vehicles were bogged down as a result of flooded streets in multiple locations in the Mid-South, like on Derby Drive in Frayser.

Danna Wilson's 2008 Toyota Camry only has four more payments left to go. She made it a few doors down from her home and unwittingly drove into a rising pond until the car sputtered and quit.

"Really, you could not see and of course when I left my house it was just raining. Of course, the minute I got on the street it goes 'Kaboom,' " said Wilson. "My first though was get out of the car. That's what I first thought, but the minute I opened the door here comes water rushing in so I called 911 and said, 'Help!'"

Memphis firefighters made the rescue and got Wilson to a safe spot.

"Number one, I can't believe it happened. I see things like this on the news. They always say, 'Don't drive into water.' I know better than that. I know better than that. And I honestly would not have done it had I known the water had been that deep. I just couldn't see. I really could not see the road," said Wilson.

Some people who live on Debby were stuck for a while, surrounded by water.

"So this is what happens when people don't put their trash where it belongs," said Wilson.

Many neighbors are asking for help over the state of the storm drains.

For some residents, storm drain maintenance has become a do-it-yourself project. They are fed up with their street filling up with trash, flooded cars and trapped people.

Sandra Parker has lived on Debby Drive for nearly 25 years. She says high water is nothing new and it is long past annoying.

"All the time. It happens all the time," she said. "The city used to come by and clean [the grates] off, and they don't do it anymore. So unless someone does it; this is what happens."

City crews showed up to collect leftover debris once the flood receded.

If you notice a clogged drain by your house, the city says a drain maintenance crew will take care of it. The city asks you alert them at 901-357-0100.

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