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Golden arches may drive out businesses

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McDonald's is wishing it relocate. McDonald's is wishing it relocate.
Fresh meat from the Southern Meat Market. Fresh meat from the Southern Meat Market.

(WMC-TV) - A food fight of sorts near the University of Memphis campus is involving neighbors and businesses.

Tim Butt has serving customers at Southern Meat Market almost 13 years.

"Whatever you don't see or (if we) don't have it, we can order it in," stated Butt.

The market's high grade meats could soon be on the wrong side of the chopping block. Store owners and the public have been notified about a planned development that will include golden arches.

"Students from the University must love McDonald's," exclaimed Butt.

The McDonald's restaurant that's now on the South side of Highland has applied for a permit to move North. A move that, if approved, will result in the demolition of the Southern Meat Market. A building that has been there since 1903.

Butt is already hearing rumors about the possible new McDonald's.

"What I heard is it's going to be the same size McDonald's, but they're going to have three different drive thrus," explained Butt.

Some businesses plan to move or conduct business exclusively online. Others have started a petition drive to block the development. One thing that is certain is that nothing is for set in stone.

"Everybody down here on Highland (is asking) when you guys going to start construction? (If it does) start a month before Christmas, it will destroy our business," declared Butt.

Longtime businesses are at risk of being driven out by the drive thru.

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