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Justice of the Peace leaves Mid-South for Kenya

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(WMC-TV) - He is a Mid-South Justice of the Peace, but Kevin Hoke is resigning to pursue a job in Kenya for the Kenya Baptist Theological College.

Hoke says he and his family plan to do much more while they are there, even in the face of ongoing violence.

"I've lived here for 51 years. This has been home, been apart of this community," Hoke said about Craighead County, Arkansas.

But soon, that will all change as he moves to Kenya for a new, permanent adventure.

"Finally, it's come to the point that we can do it now, while we have the opportunity," he said.

Hoke will be a projects coordinator for Kenya Baptist Theological College. But he has some other goals, too.

"There's people that are hungry that need to be fed. There's people that need to be educated. Thats part of our process working at the college, and helping people get an education so they can make their communities even better," Hoke explained.

It is an opportunity that he says he and his wife were "called" to do.

How long they plan to stay is something they will figure out down the road.

"We're going not on our own, it's because God is leading us to do it," said Hoke. "He'll let us know when it's time to come home."

Despite the recent events in Kenya, Kevin Hoke says it is nothing he fears. He says that stuff happens here, too

"You look around at what's been happening in these cities, the Navy ship yard and things like that. It can happen here," he said.

Kevin Hoke and his wife leave for Kenya Wednesday.

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