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Mother of five shot and killed outside market

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(WMC-TV) - Family members are mourning a mother of five, who was shot and killed outside of a South Memphis convenience store.

A utility pole near the scene of the crime is covered in teddy bears and condolences.

Family members identify the victim as Latrice Herman Price, 41, who leaves behind three daughters and two sons, ages 6, 9, 11, 14, and 18 years old.

According to witnesses, Latrice Herman Price had just walked out of Lauderdale Market Sunday afternoon when a man pulled up and shot her multiple times in the head.

Friends and family now wonder if she was killed in retaliation for doing the right thing.

"We're going to miss her," said Dennis Herman, Price's son. "She was an outstanding person and I just can't believe something like this would happen to her."

The owner of Lauderdale Market, Oelioe Adam, is shocked that it happened. He said that Price came in almost daily.

On Sunday, Adam said she bought a cup of Ramen noodles, warmed them up, and left.

Nobody has been arrested in the shooting, but many wonder if it is connected to another murder that happened nearby in August 2013.

A man was shot and killed and family members say Price spoke to police about the case. She had gotten death threats ever since.

"This is somebody's cousin, somebody's mother, somebody's sister, you know, somebody's daughter," said Hazel Cooper, Price's cousin. "Why would you shoot her down like that?"

Family members say they do not know who killed her, but they plan to keep adding decorations to the nearby utility pole so that nobody can forget Latrice Herman Price.

"She's loving, caring, and we just want justice for her," said Dennis.

If you can help solve the case, contact Crime Stoppers at (901) 528-CASH.

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