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The latest on the Tallmadge murders investigation

Wendy and Peyton Ralston Wendy and Peyton Ralston

It has been 6 weeks since the bodies of Wendy Ralston and her 5 year old son Peyton were discovered in a field behind the home where they were murdered.  The delay doesn't mean progress hasn't been made in solving the case.

One of the big questions people asked in the wake of the murders of Wendy Ralston and her 5-year-old son Peyton was "Where was Daniel Tighe?" -- Tighe was Wendy's boyfriend and Peyton's father. 

One of the people who hasn't turned his back on Tighe is a friend who goes by the nickname Spider.  19 Action News Reporter Paul Orlousky went to pay him a visit.  When Paul knocked on his door Spider did not answer, despite the fact he was seen getting out of an SUV with a vanity plate that identified him.  In Spider's driveway sits a trailer in which sources say Daniel Tighe lives.  We notice that it wasn't just parked there but had an extension cord running to it from the garage.  It's obviously a living space.

We made several attempts to contact both men but were not successful. 

To be clear, Dan Tighe is not accused of any crime.  He is not a suspect and because of his rocky relationship with Wendy, is simply a person of interest.

Tallmadge Detectives say that they have been working hard, collecting evidence, interviewing people, and analyzing that evidence.  Authorities say that the matter is still under investigation there is no official suspect.

Forensic testing on what remained of their bodies has been completed at a lab in Pennsylvania and the information included in the investigation. 

Police have not found it necessary to limit Tighe's movements as the case progresses. 

Gordon Ward is another friend, who until days ago allowed Tighe to stay in his home. 

"He was here for a couple days then we had to put him out because he was making my wife very uncomfortable," says Ward.

Is there a rush to judgment on Daniel Tighe?  We'd sure like to ask him that question.  For now only he and detectives know and neither one is talking. 

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