Andy, Will It Work? Waterproof smartphone put to series of tests

WISE BUY: Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

(WMC-TV) - Action News 5 Chief Consumer Andy Wise is looking to test products with big claims! And his first experiment just arrived. He put the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active to a series of tests. It is sink or swim for the phone that claims to defy even the most unfortunate of "accidents."

The big splash all started over a cup of coffee with Sharese Pennington of Midtown. She was talking about a commercial that claims the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is spill-proof, prank-proof, and well, EVERYTHING-proof.

"There is no way you can just fall in the water and your phone is going to work," said Sharese.

With that being said... Andy Wise put the phone to the test.

The first test was spilled coffee. After wiping off the phone, Andy gave Sharese a call... proving that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is actually spill-proof.

Next, Andy took his test a step further ... a fish tank! He recorded a quick little video of Sharese, then dunked the phone in the fish tank. Not once, not twice, but six times.

Would the video still play once Andy fished his phone out of the tank? You bet! The video still played -- and he was still able to call Sharese.

During their conversation, Andy was so excited about the results, he may have "accidentally" fallen into the swimming pool.

"Oh my gosh, I can still hear you," Sharese said to Andy. "I mean, you literally are in the pool with the phone ... I mean, the phone is amazing."

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active really did withstand a coffee spill, a fish tank, and a splash in the pool -- making that phone a WISE buy.

Every night this week on Action News 5 at 10 p.m., Andy Wise will put a new product to the test! Are you thinking about making a purchase, but are not quite sure about whether it will be worth it? Why don't you first ask, "Andy, will it work?" Send us an e-mail or give us a call to suggest a product that you want to see tested on our next segment!

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