Andy, Will It Work? Loctite Ultra Liquid Control

Andy, Will It Work? Loctite Ultra Liquid Control

(WMC-TV) - ANDY, WILL IT WORK? Loctite Ultra Liquid Control = WISE BUY!

As soon as I found Loctite Ultra Liquid Control super glue, I knew exactly where and with whom I would test it!

One of my best friends, Brian Bostick, meticulously maintains a workshop in his backyard. It's essentially a mini-brick house:  central air, a huge work space in the center with tools in-the-round. Clean and roomy -- it could have been a set for Home Improvement.

Instead, it was our set for testing Loctite Ultra Liquid Control's claim that it is instantly water-repellant and dishwasher-safe.

Loctite Ultra Liquid Control's demo video shows two pairs of plywood chips. One is bonded for five seconds with one drop of a leading brand of super glue. The other is bonded with one drop of Loctite Ultra Liquid Control.

The tester drops the bonded pairs into a water tank. Five seconds.

When he pulls out the pair bonded with the regular super glue, the bond snaps as he pulls the chips apart.

But the Loctite wood chips are "locked tight" -- bonded instantly, even when immediately exposed to water.

Brian and I mimicked the test to a "T" - right down to the type of wood, the choice of the leading brand of super glue and the duration of time for bonding and water exposure.

Loctite Ultra Liquid Control worked exactly as demonstrated.

"What they said on the website is absolutely true," said my buddy Brian. "I've never seen a glue hold that quickly."

Loctite Ultra Liquid Control is a WISE BUY!

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