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Police: car crash turned into hit-and-run

(WMC-TV) - Memphis police are still trying to sort out what happened after a two car crash turned into a hit-and-run.

One witness, who watched the incident, said it was obvious one of those drivers was trying to escape before police got to him.

"Guy was driving a silver Grand Am and swerved and hit the guy driving the van head on," said witness Will Ray.

Ray saw it unfold before his very eyes. He was out taking a walk and smoking a cigarette when the accident happened.

"They were yelling at each other in Spanish. A couple of cars showed up. The dude dove back into the Grand Am, peeled out, and drug that fella 60 feet," he continued.

The hit and run crash happened around 5:30 p.m. along Salem near Dillworth in North Memphis.

It mangled the front of a Ford van.

Neighbors stood in shock as they watched what happened after the crash. They observed the driver of the Grand Am first try to walk away before driving away from the scene. That's when they say the man in the Ford van tried to stop the other driver from getting away.

"Driver of the Grand Am dove back into the car. The driver tried to stop him by getting in the driver side window and another guy tried to get in the passenger side," Ray continued.

Others in the neighborhood are surprised an accident similar to this has not happened before.

"I think they need to get a speed bump put out there because people drive around the curve crazy all the time," says neighbor Precious Neely.

Police say the driver of the Ford van was taken to the hospital in non-critical condition.

At this time, no one has been arrested and no charges have yet been filed.

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