Mid-South man uses his craft to make his former school a brighter place to learn

This is the classroom where Joseph Rodgers learned to count and read. The classroom where he began becoming the man he is today. My kindergarten teacher kept us in line; and kept us focused, and created a desire to learn from the first day I entered this classroom." Although the school has undergone renovations; Rodgers says many things remain the same. He can still pick out his kindergarten locker. "This is my locker." So when Rodgers, a professional painter, was asked to help spruce up the school by painting a few lockers; he jumped at the chance. He had no idea that the nostalgia of returning to his first school would turn his craft into a labor of love. "And what started out as just painting a locker here or there, just being back in the school and all the memories flooding back, and seeing where we really could contribute something. We adopted Dunbar ." Rodgers credits the school with much of his success; and that of his five other siblings. "We all started here. Right out of Dunbar . My family has produced a businessman, a research scientist, two doctors. That speaks a lot for this school. And that's why I'm here. To give something back." So far, Rodgers, the owner of Creative Painting and Design, has painted many of the lockers, and even some of the classrooms; saving the school thousands of dollars. He plans to continue painting as long as the school needs him.