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Community works with police toward better understanding

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(WMC-TV) - Residents in Hickory Hill are getting ready to meet face-to-face with police. The event is a community police relations forum aimed at improving relations between officers and the people they have sworn to protect.

Monday night's forum will mark the fourth time police met with residents as part of a community relation's forum. The goal is for officers and the people they protect to come to a better understanding.

"When we have these types of meetings, we want to hear some of the issues and concerns that the overall community has with the relationship between law enforcement and the people that they serve," said Ian Randolph, a community activist who helped to organize the forum.

Randolph thinks racial profiling will be one of the issues that comes up at the Monday night forum.

"Well, sometimes it comes up. You know racial profiling is a big issue that comes up, there are differences in the way they interact sometimes with the Latino community," said Randolph.

And Randolph says police and deputies have their concerns, too, especially when it comes to personal responsibility and residents being asked to help stop crime in their own neighborhoods.

"And let's be honest, if there is crime that's taking place in your community, the people there ... somebody knows who did it. So how willing are they to work with police and law enforcement in solving that crime?" he added.

Organizers say these meetings should not be looked at as police bashing and if they work, we will eventually end up with better neighborhoods and less crime.

"I think we get a safer community overall," said Randolph. "A community where the police and the residents are walking arm in arm, lock, step to fight crime and reduce some of the bad elements that are in our neighborhoods."

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