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Gov't shutdown impacts Mid-South

(WMC-TV) - The federal government shutdown forced hundreds of Mid-Southerners to go on emergency furlough Tuesday.

Although 1,600 civilian workers are furloughed at the Naval Support Activity Mid-South about 200 civilian workers will still work. Also, anyone on active duty in the military will still get paid.

The WIC federal program that provides nutritional food and services for women, infants and children will no longer receive funding in Mississippi. But the Magnolia State's distribution centers will remain open.

In Arkansas, the WIC program will be funded on a week-by-week basis. Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe says the shutdown impacts real people in his state.

"There are people that are going to get hurt by this stuff, by what's going on in Washington, real people and usually, there are children and there are people in nursing homes that aren't going to be protected," said Beebe.

In Tennessee, national parks like the Great Smoky Mountains and Shiloh National Military Park are closed.

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam says the debate in Washington should have never gotten to this point.

"I'm one of those who believes that the government, the federal government has to quit spending way more than it's bringing in, but this is not the way to do that just to have an arbitrary shut down of government that is going to impact service," said Haslam.

In downtown Memphis at the Falls Building, native Memphian Leon Smith was seen going into the IRS office to pay his mother's monthly bill.

"I went in to pay the IRS. I always pay my mamma's taxes to help her … That's my mother and I went in there and the door was closed it was locked," Smith said.

The office closure is also part of the government shutdown, causing delays and hurdles in the productivity.

At the Federal Immigration office the hallways were empty. Signs written in both Spanish and English on the door indicated their closure due to the government shutdown. Also workers at the Department of Labor office were setting up their emails for out-of-office replies and recording voicemails to inform anyone who calls of the suspension of federal government services.

In addition to active duty military, the Postal Service is self-funded and will not close.. So you will still get your mail. Unemployment, Medicare and Medicaid payments will still go out. Air traffic controllers will also remain on the job, but FAA safety inspectors will not.

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