Andy, WIll It Work? No Touch Tire Care

Andy, WIll It Work? No Touch Tire Care

(WMC-TV) – ANDY, WILL IT WORK? No Touch Tire Care = DON'T BUY!

A dirty car – is a dirty shame.

Dirty tires – are like shoes without a shine.

That's why we selected Bob McQuage of Car Wash USA Express in Collierville, TN, to help us test No Touch Tire Care, about $6. Its claims are right on its can: "cleans, shines, protects…No Wiping, No Rubbing, No Mess."

To start, we sprayed No Touch Tire Care on half of an unwashed tire – on a vehicle with two weeks of normal wear-and-tear driving (two weeks since its last wash). We let it dissolve and penetrate for 15 minutes, as directed. When time was up, you can see a difference between the treated side and the untreated side of the tire, but the treated side was not shiny, not like it is illustrated on No Touch Tire Care's can.

Then we had a Car Wash USA Express professional hand-wash another tire on the vehicle. We conducted the same test: No Touch Tire Care on half a tire, this time a washed tire. 15 minutes later, no real shine – not like it is on the can.

Then we sprayed an entire unwashed tire on the other side of the vehicle – again, 15 minutes to dissolve and penetrate. The rubber, bland. The finish, dull.

No Touch Tire Care's performance is definitely not the performance pictured on its can.

"If you're expecting that type of performance out of this product, then you're not going to get it," said McQuage.

No Touch Tire Care is a DON'T BUY.

ITW Global Brands of Houston, TX, is the distributor of No Touch Tire Care. "We feel that we are not misrepresenting anything," said ITW's Brand Manager Rusty Waples. "The picture on the can is what we feel the product is capable of doing."

Waples explained that tire cleaning is subjective. He said his company uses calibrated testing equipment to allow them to make those "shiny" claims.

He also pointed out that ITW offers other tire shine products – tire dressings that are silicon-based, not water-based like No Touch Tire Care.

"We have 'good, better and best' products," he said. "The one you tested is the 'good.' "

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