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Government shutdown hinders Memphians

(WMC-TV) - Over 800,000 federal workers are temporarily out of a job Wednesday morning. Many of them are in the Mid-South.

Memphian Leon Smith was trying to pay his mother's tax bill. However, when he arrived at the offices of the International Revenue Services, he discovered the building was completely locked.

Likewise, other agencies are closed including the Memphis Housing and Urban Development office.

According to officials, the longer the shutdown, the greater problems Memphians will have.

"If my staff has a question, we want to answer (in) and we have to run it up the flagpole at HUD. (But, right now,) there's nobody there to answer it," explained MHA's Director Robert Lipscomb.

Mid-Southerners are frustrated by the government shutdown.

"It's political junk. Excuse me America, but it's political's all a racket," exclaimed Smith.

Many Memphians are fed up with the shutdown and want leaders in Washington to get it together. This while lawmakers in both parties stated the shutdown is likely to last for weeks.

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