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Mid-South lawmakers share stories from U.S. Capitol after lockdown

(WMC-TV) - Mid-South lawmakers at the U.S. Capitol are sharing what they went through when they were put under lockdown after shots were fired near the capitol.

Twitter proved to be a valuable resources as reports came in that Mid-South representatives were safe and accounted for after the shooting and lockdown.

Congressman Steve Cohen tweeted that he was told to stay where he was and he heard someone had been shot. Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran tweeted "Staff in office safe & accounted for. We're grateful for the US Capitol Police." Representative Alan Nunnelee shared similar sentiments.

Representative Stephen Fincher, who was at the U.S. Capitol during the lockdown, shared his thoughts about the incident now that it is over.

"It's very frightening. We take for granted our safety and we're fortunate to have the Capitol Hill police here that do a great job of securing things and keeping us safe," he said. But the capitol grounds are very open, people can walk around, I mean, it's pretty accessible. The security is tight but not that tight outside. So, you really start to think about your surroundings when something like this happens."

When asked if he thinks someone may have been angry over the government shutdown, Rep. Fincher replied, "Well yeah, you think about those things, Janice. We're trying to resolve this in a way that works for the American people and with the media and 24-hour news cycle now, people have access to all sorts of news agencies and sometimes people think and do things and hopefully that wasn't the case. It's a tough time, for sure."

It has not been confirmed whether the shooting at the U.S. Capitol Thursday was related to the government shutdown or furloughs.

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