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Sewage line backup floods woman's home

(WMC-TV) - An Arlington woman wants her home cleaned up after a sewer line backed up into her house.

The Mid-South has not seen a prolonged period of rain in quite some time, but Shannon Hanks recently lost almost everything in a flood. And let us tell you, this story stinks.

Hanks is in tears over the furniture in her driveway, the storage in her kitchen, the floors pulled out everywhere. And the reason for the disarray?

"My home was flooded with sewer water," she said. "I still have sewer matter on my walls, on my tub all in my bathroom. It's just everywhere."

Early last week, a grease ball in an Arlington sewer line sent raw sewage flowing into Hanks' house. She says the city originally accepted responsibility and even sent out a contractor to begin cleaning up. But that work stopped when Arlington's insurance carrier determined the city is not liable because it did not fail to maintain the sewer, was not aware of the problem, and did not create it either.

"To this point, I have not been treated fairly at all," she said.

Hanks was told to contact her insurance company, which she says offered her pennies on the dollar compared to the damage estimates she has gotten.

A rare disorder of her sympathetic nervous system, called RSD, makes coming out of pocket impossible.

"I'm on disability," said Hanks. "There's no way for me to do that."

Arlington officials say Hanks is an innocent victim, but they say they are required to follow the insurance company's lead and that Hanks' best option is to let the two insurance companies hash it out.

"Very discouraging," she said. "Very discouraging."

While she continues to live in disarray smeared with fecal matter, the same thing happened to another house around the block.

The sewer line was repaired. Town officials reiterate that they are concerned about the issue, but can do no more.

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