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Unique pumpkin ideas for Halloween decorating

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By Alexandra Kerr

If you know you'd like pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns to decorate your home this Halloween, but want to try something different, use some of these pumpkin decorating tips to blend the tradition of the season with chic twists.


Painting your pumpkins is an easy way to control the color and design style of your Halloween decorations. Use black or white paint as a base color, then paint polka dots, stripes, animal patterns or intricate designs onto the pumpkins.

Keep it minimal for a clean look, or try detailed images for an artistic look.

Try painting some of your favorite fabric patterns onto the pumpkins. Argyle and plaid can easily be drawn on in your favorite colors, or one or two key shades to blend with your overall design color scheme.

You can also paint words or phrases onto the pumpkin like "Happy Halloween", "Trick-Or-Treat" or a variety of other Halloween sayings.

Tape autumn leaves to your pumpkin to create stencils for painting. Choose one larger leaf or several smaller leaves to design a pattern.


One simple trick for incredibly stylish and unique pumpkins is covering them with lace. Purchase lace from a craft store, or simply use lace stockings. Slip the pumpkin into the lace stocking, with the bottom of the pumpkin facing the toe of the stocking. Cut the stocking just above the stem of the pumpkin, then glue or tie with a ribbon at the base of the stem. Paint the stem black to blend with the black lace stocking, and enjoy the highly stylish look of your lace patterned doorway décor. You can even try other stocking patterns, including fish net and striped for a variety of textured and artistic pumpkins.


Metallics are a classic choice for glamorous Halloween décor, and are a great way to add high shine and high style to your Halloween decorations. Spray paint pumpkins gold, silver and bronze for an instantly chic look, with practically no effort. If you hand paint the pumpkins, try blending shades of gold, silver and bronze to create your own mixes. Arrange a line of pumpkins down a table, up your entryway stairs or along a walkway in a row, seamlessly blending from one metallic shade to another. For a more subtle effect, mix one or two metallic pumpkins in with other painted styles, or even with unpainted and merely carved jack-o-lanterns.

Stacked Carvings

Another twist to the classic jack-o-lantern is to incorporate more than one pumpkin into the design. Having one image span across several pumpkins may take some planning and effort, but the end result is stunning. Try carving a tree across three or more stacked pumpkins. If you place the pumpkins inside on a shelving unit, the branches of the tree can extend outward, as well as upward. Just make sure if the pumpkins aren't physically stacked on each other, there is little to no space between each pumpkin on the shelf. The image should appear connected, even though it crosses several pumpkins. Other images to carve across several pumpkins include:

Words like "Boo" or "Treat"
Witch's broom
Your home address numbers


Adding accessories to pumpkins is another fun way to decorate, often without carving. Find these simple and inexpensive additions around your home, or at a craft store.

Metal tacks: Buy a box of flat topped metal tacks. Press them into a pumpkin in a design, stripes, dots or words, or cover the entire pumpkin. The tack tops will appear like metal studs, giving your pumpkins a uniquely edgy look.

Ribbons: Ribbons in classic Halloween colors like black and orange, or a more sophisticated color palette including patterns and metallics can easily decorate a pumpkin. Wrap one ribbon horizontally around the center of a pumpkin for a subtle touch, or run several strips of ribbon from the stem to the base.

Tulle: Use a small strip of tulle to wrap around the stem of a pumpkin for a touch of the dramatic. Use colored tulle that matches the color you've decorated the pumpkin to make the addition slightly more subtle.

Purchase a pack of rhinestones from a craft store to give your pumpkins a glimmering and glamorous look. Place sporadically, spell out words, or cover the entire pumpkin.

Small mirrors:
Available at many craft stores, small mirrors about the size of a coin can be purchased in packs. Glue these mirrors in patterns, lines or entirely across a pumpkin for a highly reflective statement piece.

Glitter: While still relatively unique, creating or purchasing glittered Halloween décor is gaining in popularity. Design your own sparkling pumpkins by covering them in spray on glue, then sprinkling with your choice of glitter. Solid gold, silver, bronze or black are typically your best choices. If you're feeling creative, mix glitter colors, or try fading from one shade to another across the pumpkin.


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