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Flu vaccine could protect against 4 strains

(WMC-TV) - Doctors at Le Bonheur Children's hospital are expecting a more active flu season this year. But researchers admit this year there is a better flu vaccine.

The upcoming flu season is expected to be more active than last.

"I think if it starts to get cold in Memphis You're going to start seeing more activity," said Dr. Jon McCullers, pediatrician and influenza researcher. "My gut tells me its time to have a little new strain come in this year. We've kind of had the same strain the past couple of years."

Dr. McCullers continued, "There's a new flu vaccine out there. There's a vaccine that protects against all four flu strains we see circulating."

In previous years, there has only been a flu shot protecting against three strains. The first case of the flu has already been confirmed in the Mid-South this year. And you can expect an active period from December through February. That is when Memphis was hardest hit last year.

"Now is the time to get the vaccine before we start seeing a lot of circulation of the flu," said Dr. McCullers. "It'll take two to three weeks for the vaccine to have its best effect."

Doctors say the shot or the mist both have an equal effect to keep you protected for another round of the flu season in the Mid-South.

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