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Curbing meth problem gets Mississippi national recognition

(WMC-TV) - The state of Mississippi is getting some national recognition for its work to stop the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

Mississippi had a serious meth problem, but in 2010, the legislature approved a strict law forcing residents to obtain a prescription to purchase pseudoephedrine. The law also prevented people from buying the drugs legally out of state then bringing them back into Mississippi.

"Mississippi is routinely the butt of all jokes. But I can tell you we are way ahead of the curve on this deal. We are way ahead of people from coast to coast and I am proud of that," said Marshall Fisher, Mississippi Department of Narcotics executive director.

The Huffington Post released an article showing the total number of meth lab incidents in the United States. Mississippi fell in the top five of states that have the least amount of dump sites, super labs, and shake and bake labs.

"We didn't do anything different in this state, nothing different, except put pseudoephedrine as a prescription only drug. Which it was prior to 1976," added Fisher.

Pseudoephedrine can be found in many common cold medicines and is one of the main ingredients in crystal meth.

Fisher says active meth labs have dropped 97 percent in Mississippi since 2010. There have been eight operational labs this year; for the same time period in 2010 there were 258.

"This is a self inflicted epidemic that we can do something about. There's not many drugs we can do something about, but these numbers speak for themselves," he added.

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