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Neighbors scared after reports of 'peeping Tom'

(WMC-TV) - A Cordova neighborhood is on high alert after several unwelcome sightings of a "peeping Tom."

Neighborhood security patrols are being beefed up here in the Riverwood Farms Subdivision and residents are all for it.

"Well, it's scary. Especially for people with young children, it's a scary thing," explained neighbor Gloria Berlinghoff.

Many neighbors are more than a little concerned after several people called police with reports of a man sneaking into backyards, peeping into windows, and touching himself inappropriately.

One Bluff City native is convinced people will go to extreme lengths to satisfy themselves.

"People are nuts now. They will do whatever satisfies them," explained Charles Lee.

A recent report shows, October 11th at around 1 a.m., a woman called officers about a man in the 1600 Wood Mills Drive who was fondling himself.

In an effort to make the man stop, the woman told police she banged on the window. However, the man ignored her and continued.

Patricia Lee, a local resident, was surprised someone would do something like that.

"I just think that is ridiculous that somebody wound be that stupid. ...To take a chance like that," said Lee.

Another Cordova native is shocked the incident occurred in the community.

"I'm very surprised," explained Sharon Kane.

Police confirmed several other sightings of a man, with a very similar description, have been reported. Most of the incidents have happened between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m.

Kane's daughter experienced the man herself. Her mother described how she heard a noise and alerted neighborhood security.

"It scared my daughter. She heard a noise in the backyard. She looked at the security system. She couldn't see anything. She just immediately popped [open] her phone," described neighbor Sharon Kane.

Kane and her daughter are prepared to use their firearms if necessary.

"We both have gun permits and she was sitting there with her gun ready if anybody walked in the door. She was prepared for that," continued Kane.

Kane said she and her neighbors have a good habit of watching out for each other. They feel that's the best way to keep the peeping tom out of their neighborhood for good.

The suspect is described as a man between the ages of 18 to 25 years old. around 6 feet tall, and he wears dark clothing.

If you have any information, police are asking for you to call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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