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Businesses, residents impacted by EBT problems in Mid-South

(WMC-TV) - The aftermath of an Electronic Benefits Transfer glitch is a messy one, according to officials.

Over the weekend, a computer glitch in the Magnolia State left residents unable to use their benefit cards. These EBT cards allow lower-income residents to provide food for themselves and their families.

One spokesperson from the Mississippi Department of Humane Services said natives were left on their own this weekend.

"The human services (were) basically at Xerox's mercy," stated Kathy Sykes.

Two days later, the system was up and running. But, Sykes made clear there is plenty left to clean up all over the Unites States...this applies to businesses as well.

"There were some issues in Philadelphia that...a Wal-Mart there had to close for a short period of time because of a disturbance," continued Sykes.

It got even messier at a Louisiana Wal-Mart. Word got out the store was accepting EBT cards without any limits. Customers came in droves and bought as much as they could. Officials are reporting shelves were bare after the fact.

When the store stopped the free for all, people abandoned full carts in the grocery store aisles.

A Mississippi Winn-Dixie also let customer buy as much as they wanted. These stores will now be on the hook for any extra charges.

Neither Tennessee nor Arkansas were impacted by the glitch.

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