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ShapeUp ShowDown: Contestants’ meal plan

(WMC-TV) - NBC'S "The Biggest Loser" premieres its new season Tuesday night October 15th on WMC-TV 5. And, we now have a group of Mid-Southerners ready to take on a challenge inspired by that hit television reality series.

Our "ShapeUp ShowDown" will swing into gear Saturday, October 19th when our call-backs go in for medical screenings and then, come up with meal plans for their 90 day weight loss and fitness challenge.

ShapeUp ShowDown contestants will get help in that department from ViSalus' Body by Vi, described by ShowDown organizers as an easy and convenient program, that also happens to be one of the best weight loss food programs around.

According to Body by Vi consultant, Chase Papke, "We give people meal plans centered around milkshakes that'll taste unbelievable."

Kym Clark actually tasted one of the milkshakes and says it was truly tasty and filling. But, Papke says it's what's inside the shake that really matters: like non-genetically modified tri-soy protein, whey concentrates and whey hydroli protein with fiber for digestion, low sodium, low cholesterol and fat.

Papke claims the ingredients are also diabetic friendly and kosher.

"And they all break down at different rates so they keep you full longer throughout the day and it keeps you in fat burning mode. So, you're getting a steady stream of protein throughout the day," adds Papke.

He also says you can use the shakes as meal supplements or snacks along with the other available food items like cookies, cereals, drinks and vitamins; it all depends on the individual.

Papke says Body by Vi offers an ever more personal touch, "We just sit down with the individual, talk about what their life's like, what their lifestyle is like, what their schedule is like and we adapt the challenge around their schedule."

And when a person has that kind of support and accountability to reaching their goals, Papke says they're more likely to keep the weight off and eat healthy for the rest of their lives.

For those of you who either couldn't make last Sunday's casting call or didn't make the cut, you can still participate in ShapeUp ShowDown from the comfort of your home, and also get help from the Showdown trainers and Body by Vi.

Just click on this link (, and then click on the logo and "ShapeUp ShowDown," and the "At Home Participants" section for details.

If you've already conquered the battle of the bulge, please share how you did it and post your "before" and "after" photos on the Action News 5 Facebook page or on Kym Clark's fan page.

And, stay tuned Tuesday mornings on Action News 5 as we follow the ShapeUp ShowDown contestants through their weight loss battle. Good luck!

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