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Target theft suspect leaves behind cell phone during getaway

(WMC-TV) - Law enforcement officers are tracking a possible shoplifting ring. The evidence left at the scene depicts an elaborate theft plan.

A shoplifter made a break for it in Horn Lake, but gave loss prevention agents his game plan in the process after dropping his cell phone during his getaway.

Shoppers at Target in Horn Lake have watched people try to shoplift.

"I've seen people try, but they usually don't get by," said Kristin Brown, who shops at Target about once a week.

Brown says she is very aware of the loss prevention agent patrolling the store.

"He's very friendly but I know he's always watching and I think it's great that they got the alert done," said Brown.

While some shoppers know the loss prevention agent is watching, one crook apparently did not see him.

The man brought his own bags into the store to stuff full of DVDs. He was stopped outside and dropped the DVDs as he made a break to his getaway car, which was driven by someone else. Not only did he drop the bag of DVDs, but he also dropped his cell phone.

On the phone, officers found specific plans detailing how he was going to steal the merchandise.

"That guy is an idiot. I wouldn't make evidence, I'd try not to," said shopper Don Doalan. "His master plan got out, oh wow. That's good then."

A Horn Lake Target employee alerted other stores in the area.

A Memphis store reported taking the suspect into custody, as he tried to use the same plan to shoplift.

"It's good to see on the news that there's a good end to the story and it's funny as well," added Brown.

The Shelby County District Attorney's Office confirms that John Henry Anderson faces theft charges for stealing about 22 DVDs from the Target store in Memphis. He could also face charges in Horn Lake.

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