Andy, Will it Work? Pocket Hose

Andy, Will it Work? Pocket Hose


The Memphis Fire Department's Station 26, Frayser, answered our call to help us test the Pocket Hose, $19.99.

"Just turn on the water and watch this min-hose grow and grow and grow," says the product's infomercial. The Pocket Hose claims to grow from a pocket-sized handful to a full 50-foot garden hose. It's supposed to not kink or cut because its makers claim it is built like a fire hose.

"…Heavy-duty fire hose construction...a durable rubber hose on the inside that expands with water pressure...and a tough outer lining to protect it," says its commercial.

"It's got the same feel as a fire hose," said Lt. Pete Crawford of Station 26 as he bounced the Pocket Hose in the palm of his hand. "I would say just feeling it and looking at it, yeah, it's comparable."

We compared it to my own home garden hose. As we demonstrated, my traditional hose gets kinked, stays kinked and will not expand for easy use. It's a cumbersome hassle.

But the Pocket Hose grew and grew just like it does in its advertising. Any kinks just disappeared with the water flow. At full length, it measured 51 feet, one foot longer than its claim.

When we turned off the water, the Pocket Hose only shrank back about half-way, but still to a manageable, easy to collect size.

Even when we tried to pile it into a kinky, spaghetti-like mess, it would work the kinks right out. Crawford whipped it around a truck while washing. The Pocket Hose still wouldn't kink around tires or body corners.

I even bent the Pocket Hose, trying to force a kink while Crawford washed the truck. The water flow never faltered.

"That's impressive," Crawford said.

We tested the Pocket Hose's infomercial claim that it is so durable, it can pull a 5,000-lb SUV. It did that, too!

Then we had four firefighters bending the hose in four places, including tying a Figure-8 firefighter knot in it. Again, the Pocket Hose maintained steady water flow.

At $19.99, the Pocket Hose is an amazing value. It is a WISE BUY!

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