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BREAKING: U.S. House votes to end shutdown; Teacher charged

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We are following breaking developments out of Washington, D.C. where Congress is voting to end the government shutdown. The very latest on the vote and what the decision means for you, at 10.

A Dyersburg teacher has been arrested and charged with having sex with teenage boys. We'll have reaction from her shocked school.

It's stunning iphone video that shows the dangers Memphis Police face on a daily basis. Tonight, find out if they did everything right when two officers were shot in a fiery standoff with a shooting suspect.

New tonight, we're actually hearing from the shooting suspect in that fiery standoff, Aaron Dumas. He was found dead yesterday, but this was not the first crime scene he was on, as we discovered in the Action News 5 archives.

Chief Meteorologist Dave Brown will tell you when you'll need to pull out your heavy coat this week.

Some Mid-South students could see a tuition increase by as much as five percent in the next two years.

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