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Federal operations resume in Mid-South

Mid-South Republicans and Democrats say the crisis is over, but the work has just begun. Mid-South Republicans and Democrats say the crisis is over, but the work has just begun.

(WMC-TV) - It comes at no surprise that two weeks off the job piled the work on for hundreds of thousands of furloughed federal employees.

At the Memphis IRS Tax Assistance Office Thursday, taxpayers like Betty Brinson were turned away.

"Shorthanded ... She said she couldn't help me," said Brinson.

The government shut down on the day her tax deadline rolled around. First thing Thursday morning she tried to take care of business.

"I had been calling, and I couldn't get an answer and so my husband said you just need to put some clothes on and go down there," said Brinson.

The W.I.C. Food Pantry on Manassass was up and running as of Thursday. The pantry functioned throughout the shutdown operating on reserve funds that could have run out by the end of the month if Congress had not worked out their differences.

After a 16-day standoff, things are getting back to normal but for some federal agencies nationwide and in Memphis..

Federal workers were told they should return to their jobs Thursday morning. They only had a few hours after the bill was signed to make arrangements for issues such as daycare.

Experts say do not expect the IRS to start taking your calls right away. It could take some time before most agencies get up to speed. They say to wait to call or visit an office if your issue is not urgent.

Also, any paper return filed and postmarked during the shut down will be noted as filed on time.

Congress voted to pass a bill to end the government shutdown and avoid a default on U.S. debt Wednesday night. Despite that Mid-South Republicans and Democrats say the crisis is over, the work has just begun.

Mississippi Republican U.S. Senator Thad Cochran said Wednesday's vote should be "a long-term agreement that will reduce our debt through structural changes to government spending."

"I think the Republicans know that they were hurt very badly by their actions. I think everybody knows ... Lamar Alexander many senators said this was obviously a mistake on the Republican side so I don't think it will happen again," said TN congressman Steve Cohen.

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