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City council attorney responds to Fullilove's behavior at meeting

(WMC-TV) - She is known for her animated outbursts at Memphis City Hall. Was councilwoman Janis Fullilove under the influence at this week's city council meeting? Her behavior has a lot of people wondering.

Fullilove's behavior at the city council meeting Tuesday suggested she might be under the influence. But the city council attorney says he has no intention of launching an investigation.

During Tuesday's city council discussion about a proposed motel, Fullilove took a long pause before grilling the property owner.

"Let me ask you something. How do you know that your facility will not be used for prostitution?" she asked.

Fullilove then appeared to fall onto councilman Joe Brown just before the city council camera quickly moved off of her.

Considering Fullilove's past history of drug and alcohol abuse, it is natural that one might wonder whether she was conducting the city's business while under the influence.

"Somebody misinterpreted it as saying I'm doing an investigation of Janis Fullilove," said Memphis City Council Attorney Allan Wade. "I am not."

Wade says there is no need to investigate Fullilove's behavior because there is no evidence.

"We didn't do blood test, we didn't do toxicology, we didn't do breathalyzer, so there is no evidence for me to do anything with," he said.

Wade says he is tackling a larger issue: talking to every council member about the best ways to conduct business and interact in a professional manner. It is a task he started before Fullilove's actions at Tuesday's meeting.

"She is passionate. She is emotional. And in my own words from my vision, sometimes she just a mess," Wade laughed. "And so the other night, she was Janis, to me."

Wade says he talked to Fullilove and said he did not want to know if she was intoxicated Tuesday but he did remind her moving forward if she comes to city hall under the influence she will be removed from the premises.

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