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Another repo driver targeted in the Mid-South

(WMC-TV) – Another Mid-South repo driver was assaulted on the job Friday. This time, a female driver shared with Action News 5 her experience staring down the barrel of a gun.

Earlier this week, Action News 5 reported a repo man had been shot at on the job. Another was paralyzed last year.

Friday's incident could have also ended very badly.

Clark Towing of West Memphis is a family business, and Tim Clark came to his wife's rescue Friday afternoon.

"Some man pulled up behind the vehicle that we had repossessed," Peggy Clark said.

Surveillance video shows Peggy driving the repossessed SUV into a car lot that had the lien, followed by the suspect in his truck and the wrecker that her husband was driving. Within moments, the suspect went after Peggy in the parking lot.

"Started pulling on me, trying to pull me out of the vehicle," Clark explained.

She soon had a Glock pistol pressed against her neck.

"It was touching my throat and he had it in my face," she said.

A number of witnesses watched as Peggy started kicking the man, trying to fight him off.

"Didn't really know there was a weapon involved until I turned the corner and saw the weapon pointed at her head, then I realized how serious the situation was then," co-worker Zack Watington said.

Tim, who is always armed himself while on the job, pointed his gun at the man assaulting his wife. West Memphis Police were on the scene within minutes to arrest the angry suspect.

"I don't want to hurt him -- didn't want him to hurt me, my wife, my family," Tim Clark said.

Action News 5 was told the man was not even the owner of the repossessed car. It's just another example of how routine encounters for repo men and women can get "unhitched."

"You never know what can happen," Tim Clark said. "Today could have gotten ugly, real quick."

West Memphis Police identify the suspect as Marvin Thomas, apparently a mechanic who had been repairing the repossessed vehicle. He is charged with aggravated assault.

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