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Bang for Your Buck: Selling your car

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We've helped you save on your utility bill, a layaway program for the holidays and cleaning your carpets and filling up your gas tank.

If you're starting to think about a new car, we have the top 5 ways on how to get the max amount from your car sale, according to Money Talk.

Selling a car is like selling a house, the most important thing is curb appeal. The newer it looks the faster it will sell and the more money it will get.

1. Perform all necessary maintenance and repairs.

Check the oil and make sure there are no check engine lights on in the dashboard.

2. Give it that deep clean.

Vacuum, wash, wax, clean the door jams, the engine and the trunk. Also shampoo the carpets and replace the floor mats if necessary.

3. Place a great ad

Read a bunch and pick the best ideas but be honest, if there are issues say so.

4. Forget the blue books

Use eBay and see what cars like yours are actually selling for where you live and leave wiggle room because people like to negotiate.

5. Go for a test drive with your buyer and practice that pitch.

A little research and homework on the front end could lead to hundreds of dollars on the bottom line of your sale,

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