Andy, Will It Work? Perfect Tortilla

Andy, Will It Work? Perfect Tortilla

(WMC-TV) – ANDY, WILL IT WORK? Perfect Tortilla = WISE BUY!

A crispy crunch is the sound of a tasty tortilla!

You'll find some of the tastiest tortillas at Los Reyes Mexican Restaurant, 3024 Covington Pike. The Reyes family is celebrating that location's 23rd anniversary and the fulfillment of their dream of expanding the family business – now four successful franchises in the Mid-South.

"You have a dream, go for it!" said Jose Reyes, Jr., who manages the Covington Pike restaurant. "You can succeed!"

Reyes and we hoped for the same success with the Perfect Tortilla pan set, $10.99 for a set of four. Made of a solid aluminum and a non-stick coating that requires no oil, the Perfect Tortilla cooks baked, not fried, tortilla bowls for taco salads: "Golden, Crispy Bowls in 5 MINUTES."

After washing the Perfect Tortilla pans, we noticed something in the instructions. If you really want crispy, baked Perfect Tortillas, you have to cook longer than the five minute claim: at least seven minutes for an 8-inch tortilla.

So Reyes shaped an 8-inch tortilla into one of the Perfect Tortilla's floral-shaped bowls. He placed it in the oven for seven minutes at 400 degrees, as instructed. It came out crispy, tasty – not as golden brown as one of Los Reyes' fried tortilla bowls, but that's kind of the point. It is a BAKED tortilla bowl.

Then Reyes shaped a 10-inch tortilla into the Perfect Tortilla bowl. This time, he baked it for 12 minutes at 400 degrees, as the instructions recommend. The 10-inch tortilla is a little more golden. It slid right out of the pan, just like the 8-inch tortilla, and Reyes piled it high and full with the ingredients of a Los Reyes-style taco salad.

He takes a bite, making sure to get a good chunk of the Perfect Tortilla he just baked.

"It's crispy," he said. "It was good. I'd recommend it."

We don't recommend you follow its '5 Minute' claim. Follow the directions instead, and you'll find at nearly $11 for a package of four pans, the Perfect Tortilla is a WISE BUY.

"I'd have this in my house," Reyes said. "As a matter of fact, I think I'm going to buy one for my house!"

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