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Stimulus package for food stamps expires this month

(WMC-TV) - Mid-South families are about to see a decrease in food stamp money. A stimulus package from 2009 that boosted SNAP benefits expires at the end of this month.

Families that depend on and use food stamps or the SNAP program to buy groceries are set to take a big hit.

"Depending on the snap program, that's what feeds my family," said Dalores Chavez, who has three mouths to feed.

Chavez had no idea that she will not get as much money to put food on the table next month from her food stamps.

"I use just so much each time I go to the store, that way I can make it last through the month," she said.

Officials say a family of four would lose about $36 per month without any changes to income or family size.

Action News 5's Michael Clark took $36 to the store to find out just how much food families could soon be without. He was able to buy a loaf of bread, milk, several canned fruits, vegetables, ground beef, canned tuna, eggs, cheese, and pasta.

"And I don't want it reduced, why do you have to mess with it," wondered Candy Duvall, who uses food stamps.

When the federal government signed off on a stimulus package in 2009, changes in benefits were set to end at the end of October.

"That's going to mean more hard work hours away from my children so I can make the little bit extra just so I can be able to feed them, and I already work a lot as it is," added Chavez.

In DeSoto County, around 8,500 households receive about $2.5 million in food stamps each month. Reductions are set to start November 1.

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