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Nurse imposter suspect indicted; Pastor bans fried chicken from church

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We're following a breaking story in Shelby County. A Munford woman has been indicted on charges of identity theft. Officials say she posed as a nurse and physician's assistant at three different Mid-South pediatric clinics. It's a development parents were shocked to hear.

Memphis police are asking for your help to track down a suspect who beat a man until he was unconscious and left him for dead in the park. Residents tell us the solution to the violence is something that the city could accomplish. Shay Harris is getting answers.

A North Mississippi pastor has banned fried chicken from his church. Tonight he explains that decision to Janice Broach and tells her what this has to do with the Affordable Care Act.

Tonight the Nashville airport has to defend why it took hours to discover plane crash wreckage on a runway.

Chief Meteorologist Dave Brown is tracking the possibility for severe weather later this week.

Chief Consumer Investigator Andy Wise wants to know if a "tornado in a tube" hair curling method really works. He puts it to the test tonight!

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