Andy, Will It Work? Air Curler

Andy, Will It Work? Air Curler


Lovely ladies let their hair down at Gould's Day Spa & Salon, 1138 N Germantown Pkwy.

That's where stylist Holly Allen helped us test the Air Curler, $14.99. It claims to use "air vortex technology" – essentially a mini-tornado of air – to twist hair into dazzling curls.

"That, to me, is the same as if you took your finger and twirled your hair," Allen said. "Yeah, it curls, but it's going to fall back out…and it causes tangling, which can cause breakage."

Allen assembled the Air Curler on her hair dryer, as directed. She misted and parted stylist Marijane Alsup's hair – again, as directed in the Air Curler's instructions – then placed one side of her hair inside the Air Curler's tube.

For 15 seconds, Allen spun Alsup's hair in the Air Curler on a medium-heat, high-speed setting – again, as directed.

Then she curled the hair for 20 seconds on a cool setting, as directed. The Air Curler's instructions say that's supposed to allow the cuticle to close and give Alsup's hair a great shine.

At first, it looks as if the Air Curler did curl Alsup's hair. "But if you take your finger (through the curls), number one, it's tangled, which is something we don't want and causes breakage. And as I put my fingers through it, it just almost completely falls out."

We repeated the process. If we had used a standard curling iron, Alsup's curls would simply pop back into place after Allen ran her fingers through them.

"They would pop back and would not be tangled," said Allen. "With this product, it tangles the hair, and the curl falls out as well."

The Air Curler is a DON'T BUY!

Hampton Direct of California makes the Air Curler. The company's representatives ignored an e-mail we sent through its "Contact Us" web link, despite the web site's boasting of positive television reviews from the likes of the Today show and Rachel Ray.

The lack of a response didn't surprise Alsup – after the tangled web the Air Curler weaved into her hair.

"Actually, I feel like I've had my head hung out the window because it's all tangly," she said. "I think you would get a better result with just a curling iron."

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