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MY TURN: MPD's decision to suspend TACT

(WMC-TV) - I support the decision made by Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong to suspend the operation of his department's elite tactical team, the TACT squad. I don't know enough about the leadership of that unit to know whether it was a good call to reassign all of them to uniform patrol, but enough questions have been raised to know that a complete operational review is due, perhaps even overdue. And that bring us to the high-profile war of words between Memphis Mayor A C Wharton and the police union's president, Mike Williams. Williams' tactics are obviously getting under the mayor's skin, as Wharton resorted the week to calling the union leader a liar. In general, Memphians are supportive of our men in blue. We want to have and quite frankly, we need to have a high quality police force here. The union leadership knows there's a reservoir of goodwill here towards its members. They would be well advised not to strain that relationship more than they already have in recent months.

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