Statement from Southern Security Federal Credit Union - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Statement from Southern Security Federal Credit Union

The following is a statement from Southern Security Federal Credit Union in regards to the Action News 5 Investigation on dangerous ATMs in Memphis:

SSFCU takes the safety and security of its members and employees very serious.

Each location is equipped with training, lighting, alarms and security cameras.

The Credit Union does annual training on safety and security with its employees and

frequently reminds its members to use caution in responding to telephone requests for personal information and use caution in approaching any financial institution's physical location or an ATM machine.

The location of our ATM's is important, therefore the walk up ATM machine at our Holmes Road location was removed and a new drive up machine was placed in a drive thru lane. The machine is accessible from your car, includes a security camera and is visible from the street and business's next door.

Safety Tips we include are:

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Make sure the ATM area is well lit
  • Have your ATM card ready and know your PIN before approaching the machine
  • If an ATM card reader appears unusual or bulky compared to other ATM's, use a different machine and alert the institution that there may be a skimming device on the machine
  • If you have started a transaction and notice something suspicious, cancel the transaction and take your card
  • Take your receipt with you after completing your transaction
  • Whenever possible take a companion with you. Place your cash in a pocket or purse as soon as your transaction is complete
  • Count your cash in the safety of your locked car or at home

Safeguard your personal Identification Number (PIN):

  • Never share with others
  • Never write it on your card
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